Musician (Former)

Competitive Kite Flyer (Former) Dual and Quad, Precision and Ballet.

Competed with:

Cavalier du Ciel: STX (Set),

Flying Wings: Silver Fox 2.5(Set), Silver Fox 2.3 UL, Soul (Set)

Revolution: B-Series(Standard/Mid-vent/Full-Vent) with 2 Wrap, Race, 3 Wrap, 4 Wrap. Indoor Rev (Indoor “Race” frame)

Paul de Bakker: Reflection (Framed in original Avia Skinny UL)

  • Team Feng Shen 風神(Former)
  • Team 8+ Taiwan 2009
  • VK

Crane: On Earth in Sky (2015) at LaMaMa

Crane: On Earth In Sky (2017)

Ajijaak On Turtle Island (2018)

Puppeteer, Performer, Kite Choreographer/Fabricator/Technician

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