– This is a normal biography –

WR3N (a.k.a. Songbird  whist between 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz) has been favourably reviewed as “Some sort of cryptid” and is a part time artist who lives off of arbitrary deadlines.

A former competitive kite flier, (see Aerial Work) she has since gone on to release two albums with her band Existential Despondency, as well as Something Like Home, a zine for the weary.

You can see her on stage at New Victory Theatre in Ajijaak On Turtle Island as Mishibizhiw, the Serpent-Panther; Kyle, the Coyote; Sammy, the Rapping Turtle; Osburt, the Old(er) Bison; Circles The Birds, the Kite Flier; Über Crane, a.k.a. “Frasier Crane”; and Earth Ensemble #5.

Off stage she serves as aerial & Über Crane technician, ASM, as well as being the co-designer and fabricator of the butterfly and cranes kites under Curtiss Lee Mitchell.

Past works include:

( As Puppeteer, Actress, Kite Choreographer-Fabricator-Designer-Technician)
Crane: On Earth in Sky 2015 at LaMaMa (co-design and construction of crane kites)
Crane: On Earth In Sky 2017 Tour
Ajijaak On Turtle Island 2018 Tour
Ajijaak On Turtle Island  2019 Tour

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